Things you need to know about the Nigeria passport.

Personally I have been needing to go out of the nation yet I was constantly frightened that it could devour alot of cash till I chose to look into about it, and to my most noteworthy astonishment it was what I can really bear. so you Needing to travel abroad? Are Canada’s cityscapes or the charm of Dubai calling your name? In case you’re hoping to travel abroad or outside of Nigeria, Nigerian natives should apply for a universal international ID. Regardless of whether it’s a yearly family occasion or different universal excursions for work, we have you secured with our well ordered guide on the best way to effortlessly apply for your Nigerian global passport.

The online application process is basic and clear. On the off chance that you happen to be outside of Nigeria, you can apply on the web or at your closest department. Spare yourself pointless worry by applying and presenting your application records well ahead of time of your takeoff date. When you get your international ID, all that is left to do is gather your packs and fly off!

Please note this procedure is pertinent to Nigerian citizens. 

What is a Nigerian Universal Passport?

The Nigerian universal identification is your opportunity to appreciate global travel and investigate distinctive societies, enabling you to travel anyplace on the planet (if you have the right visa). The worldwide identification isn’t equivalent to the ECOWAS visa, which just concedes travel passage into 15 West African states .Nigerians needing to go outside of West Africa are required to get a Nigerian global passport.

To apply for another identification, the Nigerian Migration Administrations (NIS) right now just issues electronic visas (e-travel papers) for new applications. Customary residents can apply for a Standard e-visa (green spread), while official e-identifications (blue spread) are saved for government authorities and Nigerian diplomats.

Who Needs One?

Nigerians who are aiming to go outside of Nigeria for business, recreation or different exercises, for example, school purposes need a Nigerian worldwide passport.

The 32-page Nigerian universal identification is usually issued for recreation explorers or those not voyaging globally regularly. Business explorers, then again, might need to consider applying for a 64-page identification if your activity expects you to take visit global excursions for work consistently. In the event that you are a devoted recreation explorer, you may need the 64-page international ID also. This will spare you the issue of continually expecting to apply for new international IDs and bearing massive documents.

How Much Does it Cost?

Payment for your Nigerian worldwide identification must be made on the web, in either naira or U.S. Dollars. Money installments are not accepted.

*Please note these costs were taken from the official Nigerian Movement Administrations site and are liable to change.

AGE: 0 – 17 YRSAGE: 18 – 59 YRSAGE: 60 YRS +
Passport Booklet Fee₦ 8,750₦ 15,000₦ 8,750₦ 20,000
Address Confirmation Fee₦ 2,000₦ 2,000₦ 2,000₦ 2,000
TOTAL₦ 10,750₦ 17,000₦ 10,750₦ 22,000

What are the Requirements?

When showing up at the migration office, the necessities for the worldwide visa are as follows:

Adults (18 years and over):

  1. Completed international ID application form
  2. Two ongoing identification estimate photographs
  3. Proof of payment
  4. Letter of ID from nearby government/condition of beginning (substantial staff ID card attached)
  5. Birth certificate
  6. Completed Underwriter’s structure (with photocopy of information page of Underwriter’s Nigerian e-visa and one international ID measure photo of the Guarantor)
  7. Marriage declaration (if applicable)
  8. Name change testimony (if applicable)

Minors (beneath 18 years of age):

  1. Completed visa application form
  2. One international ID estimate photo (marked on switch side by consenting guardian/s)
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Evidence of Nigerian citizenship of parent/s
  5. Letter of assent from the two guardians (legitimate court request in the event that one parent is unavailable)
  6. Proof of payment

*In the occasion that the tyke is embraced, a Court Request and Letter of endorsement from State Service of Ladies and Kid Improvement is required.

To keep awake to-date on the necessities for the worldwide visa prerequisites, if it’s not too much trouble counsel the Nigerian Migration Administrations website.

How to Apply

The Nigerian worldwide visa application can be handled either on the web or disconnected. Both ways will result in you accepting a printed copy of your passport.


  1. Visit the Nigerian Migration Administrations portal
  2. Select identification type
  3. Select preparing country
  4. Complete application form
  5. Upload checked duplicates of required documents
  6. Select favored installment technique (installment can be made with Visa cards)
  7. Once installment is finished, click “Submit”
  8. You will be issued an Application ID and Reference number
  9. Print out Guarantor’s form and have it certified
  10. Submit finished application structure with extra required documents in personat your chose visa office

Once you have presented your online application, you are required to appear in personat your predefined movement office for photos and biometrics to be taken.


If you’d want to present your application through an operator in Nigeria, as opposed to on the web, if you don’t mind know that this procedure may take significantly more. Be cautious which specialists you work with to abstain from getting captured in extortion tricks and archives getting lost. Indeed, even with an operator included, you are as yet required to show up face to face at the migration office with your required archives. Tragically, Travelstart does not help its clients in applying for a Nigerian global passport.

A new visa application takes around 48 hours to process after your biometric information has been caught. At times, it has been known to take as long as a month to process, so ensure you apply well in advance.

Nigerians living abroad can apply for their worldwide international ID at their closest office, or through the online application.


Currently, standard universal international IDs are substantial for a long time. You may just recharge your identification once all accessible pages have been used.

By following these simple advances, you can have your Nigerian global visa sooner than you might suspect. All that is left to do is gather your sacks and head to the airplane terminal to make the most of your sans visa goal. In the event that you are intending to visit the US or Canada, you should apply for a visa notwithstanding your universal international ID.

For one, the recently discharged identification is legitimate for 10 years.

  • The Nigerian government has presented another universal electronic passport.
  • Unlike the past ones, this new one is legitimate for 10 years
  • It likewise has improved security.

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